Video of the Day: Full Episode #1 of ‘Episodes’

01.10.11 9 years ago

Given the size of the TV audience in the states, and it’s penchant for rejecting shows that seem “too foreign.” Many a British television show has been remade for American audiences. Most notably “The Office” and “American Idol” lately, but the practice goes back many years. “All in the Family,” “The Lucie Arnaz Show” and “Too Close for Comfort” all had British predecessors.

Often times elements from the original shows will get altered or removed to “better suit” the typical American audience. And sometimes American producers just mess with projects in order to put their mark on them.

Showtime’s new comedy “Episodes” deals with just this phenomena, focusing on husband and wife  writing team Sean and Beverly (Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig) who’s hit show from England is about to be remade with an American accent with Matt LeBlanc, of all people, playing himself. Things do not go smoothly.

Showtime has released the first episode of ‘Episodes’ (which premiered last night) in it’s entirety. (well it’s edited for language) Check it out and see if you agree with Alan Sepinwall, it’s the Video of the Day.

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