Viserion’s Wall-Destroying Scream Is The Sound Of Drunk ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans


A group of Game of Thrones viewers had a very specific dream come true when they were asked to provide the voice of Viserion, the Night King’s blue flame-breathing ice dragon. Sound designer Paula Fairfield was at the first-annual Con of Thrones in Nashville last year when she ran into some fans, and “asked them to record themselves screaming,” according to Winter Is Coming.

“She’s like, ‘Get drunk and weird with it,’ and we’re like, ‘Done and done.’ We just, like, took an evening, drank a fuck-ton of gin, and screamed our hearts out, and sent ’em off. And then she came and watched the finale with us, she never told us what it was for. And then when it was all over, she leaned over and was like, ‘You guys are the ice dragon.'”

There are also traces of jackhammers and blowtorches in Viserion’s Wall-destroying screech, but if you listen hard enough, you can almost hear a bunch of drunks yelling “KING OF DA NORTH.” In the video below, a woman dressed up as the Night Queen mentions a Vanity Fair article about the sound design on Game of Thrones, including this section on the show’s most famous dragon.

“I had assumed we would be melting small folk or tortured small folk or small folk on fire… you get the idea. When the episode was over, I was confused because there were no small folk in the final scene. Paula told me we were the dragon, and I lost it and just started texting my band mates: ‘IM A MOTHA F*CKIN ICE DRAGON.'” (Via)

Now that’s #LifeGoals.

(Via Winter Is Coming and Vanity Fair)