Here’s Your First Look At ‘Bad Ape’ In A Clip From ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’

War For The Planet Of The Apes, the third entry in Fox’s Planet Of The Apes reboot series, already flung out the final trailer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new videos to ooo, ahhh, or ook ook ook at. Fox released an extended clip (above) and a new TV spot (below). The clip gives us a first look at Steve Zahn’s character, “Bad Ape.”

Caesar [Andy Serkis] and his band of Simian brothers discover an unknown, newly evolved ape named “Bad Ape” (Steve Zahn) — an escapee from a zoo. For the first time in the trilogy, Caesar and his apes discover a new ape outside of their tribe, marking a critical moment in the war between Humans and Apes.

They happen upon Bad Ape in a tense scene where they chase down someone they thought was a person after they see him approaching the little human girl they’ve adopted into their tribe like some straight up Jungle Book shizz. That little girl, by the way, is named Nova, and it’s been confirmed she’s the same character as the one played by Linda Harrison in the original Planet Of The Apes (1968). That marks one of the few direct tie-ins to the previous movies in this reboot, unless Mark Wahlberg crash lands a spaceship into the third act of this thing (oh God please no).

War For The Planet Of The Apes opens July 14th.

(Via 20th Century Fox)