Warner Bros. Had Some Fun With Ryan Reynolds To Celebrate The Release Of ‘Deadpool 2’


WARNING: Possible spoilers for Deadpool 2 ahead

Deadpool 2 is a success this weekend, knocking off Avengers: Infinity War from the top spot at the box office and eclipsed Logan‘s box office take to rule as Fox’s R-rated mutant king. Part of it is because the movie brought more of the same to the screen, almost at a breakneck pace that took some effort to keep up with. Reynolds and company brought some fine jokes throughout the film, but some of the best were saved for the end credits scenes.

While the directors went through what all of it means for the future of X-Force and Deadpool and fans have dug through all the cameos and Easter eggs, the view from the outside has one funny interaction to take in. The Twitter account for Warner Bros. sent out a nice tweet to Ryan Reynolds on Friday to celebrate the film’s release and to reference his past as Hal Jordan in their failed Green Lantern film:

But, if you’ve seen the movie and stayed until the end of the credits, their follow-up tweet from Saturday will make a lot of sense:

All of the Green Lantern hate from Reynolds seems good-natured, even if it takes a bloody turn at the end of Deadpool 2, so it is fitting that Warner would get in on the joke a bit. The timing is the best part, waiting until the morning after to share a reaction. If anything, the ring is probably in the mail by now.