‘Deadpool 2’ Director David Leitch Explains How He Pulled Off One Of The Film’s Bigger Surprises


[This is your warning that there are Deadpool 2 spoilers ahead.]

A recurring joke in the two Deadpool movies is that on his frequent visits to the X-Mansion, Deadpool never gets to meet any of the “A List” X-Men team members.

In Deadpool 2, as Deadpool is at the X-Mansion and once again complaining about this perceived slight, he doesn’t notice that behind him are all the X-Men having a meeting, before the door is closed, presumably because Deadpool is being too loud. (The X-Men have a point, Deadpool is loud.)

How was this scene pulled off? Well, as Director David Leitch told us, there was some trickery involved. All of the X-Men were together because they are filming Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix film, so they agreed to film that scene and ship it over to the Deadpool 2 production. Leitch explains:

“That was a collaboration, a logistical puzzle, with Simon Kinberg and myself between our two movies,” says Leitch. He continues, “They were shooting Dark Phoenix at the same time. And he’s a producer on this, so he ended up getting the plate shot of them in the room. Then we got the shot of Ryan on the other side. So the doors are the matte between the plate shot and them. So it was just sort of getting the visual effects to give us the right camera bits. Then they shot that for us, they brought it in, we comped it in in the background, then we shot it on our end. It was a fun little science project.”

So, sadly, because of logistics, Ryan Reynolds and the X-Men aren’t actually in the same room at the same time. But, hey, movie magic gave us a fun little scene.

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