Watch: Avril Lavigne emotes in new video for ‘Wish You Were Here’

Avril Lavigne”s “Goodbye Lullaby” album has failed to resonate with a pop audience so far, but maybe the video for latest single, “Wish You Were Here” can help revive the project.

As the title implies, the mid-tempo ballad, written by Lavigne, Max Martin and Shellback,  features Lavigne lamenting that her beloved isn”t around. She expresses her dismay by rolling around on a dirty floor in what looks like an abandoned room, save a perfect Gerbera daisy, a bathtub and a lighter.

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The daisy goes up in flames at Lavigne”s hand, then she starts to cry while she reflects on her lost love (REAL TEARS, she tweeted yesterday).   Then, in a bit of fake out, she (still in her slip), takes a nice bath, giving the impression that she might end it all it all if she can”t get her beau back. However, she changes her mind in time to pop back up and sing the chorus.

She looks beautifully anguished, but that”s a lot of screen time and focus for any one artist to try to carry off.  At least she doesn”t look as awkward as she did in the horrible video for “What The Hell.” 

The song is a nice track and deserves some attention. If the video can do that, all the better.  Otherwise, this may be our final send-off for “Goodbye Lullaby.”