Watch: Avril Lavigne’s video for ‘What the Hell’

In Avril Lavigne”s new endorsement fest, uh, we mean video, for “What The Hell,” she”s a girl gone mild. She wants to be a bad girl, but, quite honestly, she just doesn”t seem to have it in her, despite declaring that all she wants to do “is mess around.” But we will say, she seems to have mad basketball skillz.

We know discussing plot points and suspension of disbelief in videos is really pointless, but the thrust of the song is she”s cheated on her boyfriend. We never get any hint of that here, since she wakes up with him and ends up back in bed with him at the end. Instead we get a romp that begins when she pushes him out of her apartment right after spraying on one of her two perfume lines. Maybe he”s upset that she steals a NY taxi for a joyride and then joins a pick-up basketball game before running to a boutique that, coincidentally, happens to sell her Abbey Dawn line of clothing. What are the chances of that?

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The odd thing is that Lavigne, who is now 26, seems to want to be seen as an adult, and we”re not saying sexing it up in videos is the way to do that, but this video operates on about a 15-year-old girl”s maturity level, including flipping the bird. Plus, Lavigne, who has so much as said that she recorded the song because the label made her, looks incredibly awkward throughout the whole process, even when she hops on stage to perform. For her, going crazy is symbolized by raising one arm over her head and skipping and flipping her hair.  Plus, we love the scene where she thinks putting on a set of Poindexter glasses will keep him from recognizing her.

Maybe we were just blinded by all the product placements. We”d like to watch it a few more times, but we”re off to buy the Sony Ericsson phone lavishly displayed in the video.

Watch the video below. Lavigne”s new album, “Goodbye Lullaby,” comes out March 8.