Watch: Bruno Mars’ new video for ‘It Will Rain’

11.09.11 7 years ago

Elektra Records

We know Bruno Mars is smooth and all, but we do not remotely see him as the kind of guy who would screen one of the “Twilight” movies while making seksi time with his lady, but film placements make us all do crazy things as we see in the video for “It Will Rain,” which premiered on MTV today.

Mars is the big pop name on “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” soundtrack (read our review here). “It Will Rain” has the dated feel of a song from the ’80s, perhaps because of the drum track. It sounds more appropriate for “Against All Odds,” although we”re pretty sure Phil Collins is not about to let his song be stripped out of that monster. (The song also has a few chord changes that remind of the Rolling Stones” “Wild Horses,” but maybe that”s just me).

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So while Mars and his sweetie go through a lot of drama, as symbolized by longing looks and pouting, because in the time-honored tradition of “Romeo & Juliet” his parents don”t dig her, he mopes around his shabby chic, huge loft as sunlight streams through. Lo and behold, it starts to rain and and he just happens to have lots of pails, in all shades of blue, to capture the rain (although some of them are facedown…).

What do you think? Are you Team Bruno?


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