Watch: Justin Bieber unleashes another teaser for ‘Boyfriend’ video

If the other two teasers weren”t enough, we know from teaser No. 3 that Justin Bieber”s video for “Boyfriend” is likely to be some big, lavish mini-movie.

In this 14-second clip, we see Bieber, looking slightly menacing (or as menacing as he can) and dragging knuckle rings, diamond encrusted and looking like tiger”s teeth (or claws), across a woman”s cheek.

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Plus, we see him standing in front of a huge full moon in mid-dance step.

From the three clips, we”re starting to think that the video will be the antithesis of the good boyfriend scenario depicted in the song and that, instead, Bieber may thing he”s a good boyfriend, but he”s a bit of a stalker, even if he does share fondue with his lady.

There”s no word on when we”ll actually get the full video or how many more teasers we”ll get, although Bieber hinted on Twitter that this may be the last one.

Plus, as we previously reported, Bieber has a slew of collaborations coming up, including duetting with his mentor Usher and One Direction. Yesterday, he tweeted the update that both his and Usher’s new albums will have duets on them. Usher’s new album, “Looking For Myself,” drops June 12.

What do you think the video for “Boyfriend” will be about?

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