Watch: Kelly Clarkson’s lyric video for ‘Catch My Breath’

Now that lyric videos are a necessarily intermediary step between when an artist releases a new single and the “official video,” some artists are using them as a chance to make a video that is much more than simply slapping words up on a screen as a placeholder.

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For example, Pink”s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” or Alicia Keys” “New Day” lyric videos combined very cool graphics with the lyrics. In fact, Keys” video was a fine video in and of itself.

Kelly Clarkson”s lyric video for “Catch My Breath” would be an example of a lyric video being just a lyric video. To me sure, the words come at you in a dizzying scramble and there”s a photo of Kelly that keeps moving around the screen and in and out of focus, but they”re clearly saving the big bucks for the real video.

“Catch My Breath” is on Kelly Clarkson’s “Greatest Hits- Chapter 1,” which comes out Nov. 19. As eagle eyes may note, the cover artwork we posted yesterday switched from a semi-profile shot of Clarkson to a full frontal shot. Seems a little last minute change was made after her label released the profile shot yesterday. Your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you.