Watch: Lupe Fiasco can’t get you ‘Outta My Head’ featuring Trey Songz

06.30.11 8 years ago

If Lupe Fiasco didn’t win you over with his live performance of “Out of My Head” at the MTV Movie Awards, he may just charm you with the official music video.

Co-starring Trey Songz on the hook, the video takes Lupe through his day, as he walks out of his building, onto the sidewalk and into his waiting car. But everywhere he goes — he sees his girl. It won’t win him any Academy Awards, but the look on his face each time he makes eye contact with his lady is pretty priceless.

The clip was directed by Gil Green, who’s mostly helmed for hip-hop vids from artists like Soulja Boy and Diddy Dirty Money.

“Out of My Head” is the follow-up single to Modest Mouse-sampling and Summer Jamming track “Show Goes On” and “Words I Never Said.” It’s culled from the Chicago rhymer’s latest Atlantic set “Lasers,” out this past spring.

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