Watch: Radiohead debut new song ‘Staircase’ live (HQ)

Radiohead is finally bringing “King of Limbs” to television, but they’re taking the opportunity to introduce a little new material too.

As previously reported, the British band took to Nigel Godrich’s “Live from the Basement” series to play their new album, but a “Staircase” has ascended during the taping. The slow-burner never boils over and and features dotted vocals from a typically wiry Thom Yorke. However, the double-drum attack works especially well, considering the band let in a special guest for the performance: Clive Dreamer, who has played with Robert Plant and Portishead, sat beside Radiohead’s own Phil Selway for a solid, thumping effect.

The “Live” part from “The Basement” has already come and gone, but BBC scored a license to the material and is broadcasting it in full on July 1.

A representative has not responded yet since being asked if “Stairway” will be part of a larger effort or will have an official studio release.

However, Radiohead’s music from “King of Limbs” will be getting a new spin all summer, due to their new 12″ single remix series.


Do you like “Staircase?”