Watch: Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa aren’t sharing in the video for ‘This Weed Iz Mine’

Prepare to get a contact high, but just know Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa aren”t in the mood to share in the video for “This Weed Iz Mine.” As we previously reported, the song will be featured the pair”s movie “High School.” Do we really have to tell you what the movie is about? I think we have our new Method Man/Redman partners in crime.

Being high is the only possible excuse for the finery that Snoop is wearing on his head as the video opens.  While we”re at it, has there ever been someone other than Angelina Jolie who manages to have such seemingly disparate public personas? There”s the pee-wee league football coach/family man vs. the total stoner.

After he leaves a scantily-clad PYT lounging in bed, Snoop joins Wiz Khalifa for a little interplanetary trip as they roll in a fine yellow ride through the clouds of pot smoke and clouds in the sky leaving planet earth way behind. Enjoy, but just don”t inhale.