Watch the first trailer for Natalie Portman’s ‘Jackie’ to the tune of ‘Camelot’

Following Jackie“s screenings at the Toronto and Venice film festivals, Natalie Portman”s performance in the film as one of the nation”s most iconic first ladies is already getting Oscar buzz. Now we get a look at her turn as Jackie Kennedy in the film”s first teaser trailer, which hit the web today.

Jackie focuses on the days after JFK”s assassination, and the trailer shows Portman in the blue and pink suit that would come to be stained with her husband”s blood. But we also see a few moments before that tragic day: There”s Portman”s Jackie putting on a smile as she tapes a first-of-its-kind televised tour of the White House. The ensemble Portman wears in the first look photo unveiled back in December and in the poster released today (also below) is a recreation of the red wool day dress and pearls Jackie Kennedy donned for that tour.

The trailer poignantly features the closing song of Camelot, the Broadway musical JFK adored. His presidency came to be known as “the Camelot era” after Jackie Kennedy said the in an interview a mere three week”s after her husband”s assassination, “There”ll be great Presidents again, but there'll never be another Camelot again.” The song here transitions into Portman”s Jackie quoting the musical, and she really nails her breathy, affected way of speaking, a mid-Atlantic accent that the first lady attempted to have to sound vaguely French and sophisticated.

Watch the teaser trailer below:


Jackie, directed by Pablo Larraín, also stars Peter Sarsgaard as Robert Kennedy and Billy Crudup as a journalist based on The Making of a President author Theodore White. The film opens in theaters on December 2.