Watch: Why Superman and Batman teaming up is a bad idea

and 10.18.13 6 years ago

(CBR) Pete Holmes is on a superhero streak this week: After giving Logan his walking papers as Professor X in “Ex-Men: Wolverine,” the comedian returns to his periodic College Humor role as a dimwitted, foul-mouthed, Bale-voiced Badman in “Batman vs. Superman.”

This time, he”s approached by the Man of Steel to put their differences aside and work together, a proposition that perplexes the Dark Knight.

“Why?” Badman responds. “I have no special powers. […] My main nemesis is Bane, basically just a ‘roided-out jock with a gas mask, and he straight-up broke my back. You coulda taken him down with one hand, and with the other hand you could”ve just jerked him.”

However, it”s not all humor at Batman”s expense; Superman takes a few hits, too, particularly once Commissioner Gordon arrives. Needless to say, the video probably isn”t exactly safe for work.

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