Pete Holmes gives everyone’s favorite mutant the ax in ‘Ex-Men: Wolverine’

(CBR) Wolverine may be the most popular X-Men, but Professor Xavier has had just about enough of his nonsense.

In a video to promote his upcoming late-night show on TBS, comedian Pete Holmes dons a bald cap to give the hirsute mutant the pink slip. It turns about Wolverine may not be the best there is it what he does after all.

“Let”s say Magneto is on one side of a bridge, and he”s killing a lot of people, like a lot,” the X-Men”s founder says. “And we arrive on the other side of the bridge –”

“I”m gonna run at him,” an excited Wolverine suggest. “I”m very fast.”

“OK, even if you”re very fast, still going to take you quite a while, couple of minutes,” Xavier continues. “That”s what, three dozen people dead? Or, Storm fly over, two seconds, suck ‘im into a hurricane – into a goddamned hurricane. Problem solved.”

Watch “Ex-Men: Wolverine” below. “The Pete Holmes” Show premieres Oct. 28 on TBS.