Weezer breaks out extra guitars for new song ‘Cleopatra’

Weezer seem pretty stoked for fans to hear their upcoming “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” — their first album in four years, and the first produced by Ric Ocasek since 2000's Green Album. 

The new album's first single traded the group's recent forays into bland Top 40 territory for more streamlined '90s-style rock and took fans “Back to the Shack”. Now they're back again with a metallic ode to a cold, controlling woman known as “Cleopatra.” Is it the real Cleopatra? Or just some kind of metaphor? Either way, it's a fierce blast of melodic hard rock anchored by some formidable fretwork.

“Cleopatra” begins with acoustic strumming, a harmonica and a subdued vocal performance from frontman Rivers Cuomo before exploding pop-metal territory, complete with a searing solo featuring doubled electric guitars (courtesy of either Cuomo or Brian Bell, or both) à la Boston or Thin Lizzy (or “Buddy Holly”).

Take a listen here.

“Everything Will Be Alright in the End” will be released October 6.