Why TLC quickly ditched ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’

Why TLC quickly ditched “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”
Quick and decisive action was the only choice TLC had to make, says Josef Adalian, because it”s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if the facts of the situation change, TLC could easily un-cancel the show. Still, “Honey Boo Boo”s” ratings have declined recently, and its loss won”t really hurt TLC.

Mama June”s 20-year-old daughter Chickadee claims she was also victimized by the same child molester
TMZ reports that Anna Cardwell, AKA Chickadee, who is married with a child, says she was also molested, at age 8, by the child molester whom Mama June is allegedly dating.

Rainn Wilson drops the Vine star who was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend
Vine star Curtis Lepore was announced earlier this week as starring in Wilson”s Vine-inspired scripted series “Hollywood and Vine.”

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Watch the Season 5 “Shameless” trailer
Check out a glimpse of Season 5 before the trailer premieres Sunday. PLUS: Where's Jimmy-Steve?

Starz ballet drama “Flesh and Bone” will be shown as a limited series
“Flesh and Bone” was created by Moira Walley-Beckett, who won an Emmy this year for writing the “Ozymandias” episode of “Breaking Bad.”

Shonda Rhimes” secret to success: She profoundly understands America”s fantasy life
In a way, Rhimes is a lot like mega-producer Aaron Spelling, says Rob Sheffield. “Like Spelling,” he says, “Rhimes built her empire around fearsome females. Spelling knew to keep the camera on the ladies, from 'Charlie's Angels' to ‘Dynasty' to 'Melrose Place' – show me a halfway interesting dude on a Spelling jam and I'll show you Bosley. Same goes for Rhimes. Her heroines keep getting more extreme, while the men in these stories – even the president of the United States – are toys, just beach balls that exist to be batted around by lionesses.”

“The Walking Dead”: A theory of Bob
Here”s a “crackpot theory” on Lawrence Gilliard Jr.”s character. PLUS: How “The Walking Dead”s” costume designer dresses the women for world”s end, and there was an Easter egg in the season premiere.

ABC orders “Totally Illegal,” about a Canadian illegal alien in the U.S. who lives with a Mexican-American family
“Totally Illegal,” based on the true story of producer Kelly Slattery, is from “Two and a Half Men” co-creator Lee Aronsohn.

“Everwood”s” Debra Mooney joins “The Originals”
She”ll play the Werewolf Matriarch in a recurring role.

L.A.”s famous Rocky and Bullwinkle statue has found a new home
The Paley Center is displaying the statue that was a Sunset Blvd. staple for more than 50 years.

President Obama appears on this week's “Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways”
The president granted Dave Grohl an interview during the show”s Washington, D.C. stop.

E! creating a live relationship/call-in show featuring Brody Jenner
The “Loveline”-esque show would feature the former reality star, plus Stevie TV”s Stevie Ryan and relationship therapist/TV personality Dr. Mike Dow.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “Buffy” role left me “very spoiled”
“The one curse is, as an actor, you get very spoiled because you think all female characters are going to be that exciting, that interesting, that flawed – and that's really not the case in Hollywood,” she tells the Australian magazine Confidential. “That's the drawback – you have a standard of what to expect in the characters you play.”

“Battlestar”s” Tricia Helfer heading to “Suits”
She”ll play the opposing counsel in a major class action case.

TruTV reality show to follow 2 Mississippi TV newsrooms as they compete for No. 1 in their market
“Breaking Greenville” is set to premiere in December.

“Boardwalk Empire”s” final season has been a pitch-perfect conclusion to the series
“Rather than blow off excess steam and merely deliver a body count,” says Hank Stuever, “the writing and acting in season 5″s episodes have surpassed 'Boardwalk Empire”s' usual high standards, offering a pitch-perfect conclusion to a story that is surprisingly human in a world that”s been intentionally strewn with subhuman behavior. After using the context of actual crime history (Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, et al.) to expand its tale from Atlantic City to Chicago, New York, Florida and even Cuba, 'Boardwalk Empire' has now retracted to what it perhaps always meant to be: a rumination on the state of Nucky”s soul.” PLUS: Relive “Boardwalk”s” greatest moments, exec producer Terence Winter on the end, and meet “Boardwalk”s” Joe Kennedy.

Kelly Osbourne gets a tattoo in honor of Joan Rivers
The “Fashion Police” star got a bumblebee tattoo because she says it, like Joan, defies gravity and logic.

“World News Tonight” has found “sneaky ways” to boost ratings
Under David Muir, the ABC Newscast has adopted a sensibility that looks more like “GMA.”

Presenting Fall”s Winners and Losers
Winners: Non-white people, Debra Messing, Greg Berlanti. Losers: Kate Walsh, John Mulaney, Kevin Williamson.

Did “Gotham” already revealed the Joker?
One fan theory claims that the Joker has already surfaced on the Fox drama.

“My So-Called Life” mom joins “Switched at Birth”
Bess Armstrong will play Katie Leclerc”s pre-med prof.

Oprah reunites the “A Different World” cast
Watch a preview of Jasmine Guy talking about her unique accent on Sunday”s “Oprah: Where are They Now?”

Watch the “Bones” special Halloween video
“Viewer discretion is advised.”

NBC”s “Constantine”: The pilot doesn”t do the comic book justice, but the lead actor does
“Constantine” starts off very spotty, says Tim Goodman. But he adds, “the real hook, the reason it”s worth waiting on to see if Constantine can develop, is star Matt Ryan, who manages to ground what otherwise seems like an insane amount of explosions, action without reason and utter jibberish.” PLUS: The lack of smoking is symbolic of a larger issue, the show seems stuck a creative netherworld all its own, and it”s better than the 2005 Keanu Reeves film.