Will DC Comics’ Vibe make waves on The CW’s ‘Flash’?

(CBR) The CW”s “Arrow” has been building an impressive universe of DC Comics characters translated for the small screen. The tradition sounds like it will continue with the spinoff “The Flash.”

According to Moviehole, The Flash”s alter ego Barry Allen will be joined by mechanical engineer Cisco Ramon, better known to DC fans as Vibe. A metahuman in the comics, Vibe has the ability to generate shock waves. Vibe put in stints with the Justice League in the old DC continuity as well as the New 52 one.

“Arrow” viewers saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gain his powers after the Central City particle accelerator malfunctioned, creating a freak lightning storm that hit the forensic scientist, sending him into a shelf of chemicals.

“The Flash” begins shooting in March in Vancouver.