Winona Ryder Experienced Every Emotion During David Harbour’s Fiery ‘Stranger Things’ SAG Awards Speech

Massive underdog Stranger Things upset Game of Thrones and The Crown for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards, hopefully proving that stories about communicating through Christmas lights while living in alternate universes are the new standard for high-level entertainment awards. But, it’s possible that the bigger story was the fiery acceptance speech by David K. Harbour (badass Sheriff Hopper) that would bring the audience to its feet in applause. The biggest story of all, however, was Winona Ryder’s face.

Everything was normal as Harbour began speaking and Winona was as giddy as someone who had just won a SAG Award. But Harbour’s mile-a-minute speech became more than just another politically-charged actor holding a statue, spouting ideology — it was a manifesto for a better tomorrow, and Winona Ryder’s loved it. You could tell because she became a human barometer for the awesomeness unfolding next to her.

At first, she was confused. Wondering where Harbour could go where dozens of the coastal elite haven’t gone before.

She was perhaps a little befuddled as to what was happening.

Yes, the arts and great acting can change the world. He was going there.

Then Winona went from looking like a meek student wondering if she should ask a question to fighting the power in about four seconds flat.

This is the new face of the resistance. Bottom lip bit for emphasis.

There was even a “f*ck yeah” to mark Winona’s seal of approval at the moment Harbour hit a crescendo of wokeness on stage.

Imagine the world if we strove to make Winona Ryder say, “f*ck yeah” every single day. That will be a world in which everyone can live in harmony. But, when we’re not out changing the problems around us, we can at least mine this acceptance speech for every amazing reaction image possible.

Thank you, David Harbour. Thank you for giving us that speech and the eternally .gif-able Winona Face.