Netflix Knows The Exact Episode That Got You Hooked On ‘Stranger Things’

There was a lot of truth in FX CEO John Landgraf’s “joke” that “the entire planet’s surface [will] be covered by Netflix television shows in 20 years.” The streaming service pledged $6 billion to series like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in 2016, and wants to “to make at least 50 percent of the content… to be original series and productions.” That’s an ambitious goal, but the cancelation of Bloodline notwithstanding, Big Brother Netflix knows more about your binge-watching habits than even you do.

In fact, they’re aware of the exact moment you got hooked on a show.

Yesterday, Netflix released data for the “episode that took watchers from casual to committed — that is, the episode that kept 70 percent of viewers watching through a first season’s end,” according to a press release. It’s one thing to check out the first episode of Making a Murderer, and not get around to finishing the show until months later — it’s another to watch the entire season in one sitting. (That’s known as the BoJack Horseman Effect.) Unsurprisingly, it took all of two episodes for viewers to become obsessed with Stranger Things, and three for Narcos. It took a little longer for people to get hooked on Jane the Virgin (seven) and American Horror Story (four).

Consider this graphic dedicated to Barb.

I’m not sure whether to believe the infamously ratings-averse Netflix. You’re telling me people made it through four episodes of Fuller House?

(Via Netflix)