‘Wonder Woman’s Success Leaves Warner Execs Gobsmacked And Scrambling

Entertainment Editor
06.09.17 32 Comments


Wonder Woman garnered more critical acclaim and ticket sales than Warner anticipated, earning $103.3 million in its domestic opening compared to the estimates that it would only open to $65 million. Even before that success was inspiring obscene confidence, there were rumors of a sequel and director Patty Jenkins even spoke about what she has in mind for Wonder Woman 2.

Despite all that, it turns out the sequel wasn’t yet in development and Patty Jenkins is not yet on board to direct, regardless of reports to the contrary. Now the Hollywood Reporter, who previously said Jenkins was signed for a sequel, now report she’s yet to sign. They also report that Warner execs may have been caught off guard by the film exceeding its opening weekend domestic estimates by a gobsmacking 59 percent:

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