Lasso Up Some ‘Wonder Woman’ Clips And Expect A Sequel

Wonder Woman, opening Friday, is already garnering great reviews and may even break the record for the highest rated superhero movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Which is great news in light of some minor setbacks like Lebanon banning the movie (because star Gal Gadot is from Israel) and some guys getting apoplectic about a women’s only screening of the film (They are feel uncomfortable when we are not about them). It’s enough to make you want to throw a motherf*cker at another motherf*cker.

But none of that negativity seems to be tamping down enthusiasm for Wonder Woman, with a recent Fandango poll revealing 92% of moviegoers want to see the film, along with 80% naming Gal Gadot as their favorite part of Batman V Superman and 87% saying they want more movies with female superheroes. As for the last part, they’ll probably get their wish. Zack Snyder recently revealed during a press event that a Wonder Woman sequel is in development, while DC head Geoff Johns wouldn’t confirm or deny that news and DC producer Deborah Snyder clarified that the next female-led DC movie on the schedule will still be Joss Whedon’s Batgirl. But with Wonder Woman on pace to beat original box office estimates, it’s safe to expect a sequel.

With the film opening tomorrow, this is our last chance to share new posters and the seven clips in the video above. In the first clip, Robin Wright’s General Antiope trains Wonder Woman for battle. In the second one, the Amazons use the golden lasso to interrogate Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). In the third, Wonder Woman contends with a revolving door, while the next three scenes have her contending with foes more dangerous than a door. The last clip shows her arguing with Steve, although it turns out he agreed with her all along, which is good, because you never match wits with an Amazonian when death is on the line.

(Via ONTD, Deadline, /film, Screen Rant, CBM, and We Got This Covered)