Zombies take on a helicopter in new ‘World War Z’ poster

Throughout the recent zombie renaissance in movies, books, comic books and TV, the undead have been known to walk, run and crawl toward their victims, but in the upcoming “World War Z,” we’ll get to evaluate their climbing skills.

The brand new poster for the film doesn’t feature star Brad Pitt, but it does show that humans can’t even take to the air in order to escape a mountainous zombie hoard. Or maybe they’re just over-zealous paparazzi trying to snap a photo of Pitt in the chopper.

Check it out here:


Loosely based on Max Brooks’s excellent “oral history” of a catastrophic zombie outbreak, “World War Z” stars Pitt as U.N. worker Gerry Lane, who travels the globe during the undead crisis, interviewing survivors in order to help arrive at a solution.

Director Marc Forster (“Monster’s Ball,” “Quantum of Solace”) and his multiple writers  — including late additions Damon Lindelof (“Prometheus”) and Drew Goddard (“Lost”) — seem to have significantly condensed the book’s sprawling interview-driven narrative and crafted a more straightforward summer blockbuster.

The film went through numerous hoops and hurdles on its way to the big screen, including financing troubles, a much-publicized run-in with a Hungarian SWAT team, schedule changes, and last-minute re-writes.

It also stars Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Lucy Aharish, Matthew Fox, David Morse and “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston. 

“World War Z” will be released June 21 in 2D and RealD 3D.