5 things to spend your money on that are not Zosia Mamet’s Kickstarter

 Zosia and Clara Mamet are just a couple of sisters who want to spend more time together even though they’re both super busy staring on TV shows — and they would like you to pay for it. Zosia, who plays Shoshanna on “Girls,” and Clara, who stars on an ABC show called “The Neighbors” about a family of extraterrestrials living in New Jersey (have you even heard of this?), formed a band of two called The Cabin Sisters. They spent one afternoon writing a song on the banjo, and now they’re asking for a whopping $32,000 via Kickstarter to make a music video.

So far, a mere 28 backers have contributed a combined total of $1,227, even though the gals are offering prizes like a Skype session, an autographed director’s chair, and ownership of their dignity. With 10 days to go, it’s looking like the only thing the Mamet sisters are going to raise is backlash and then some more backlash. Which is understandable, as Zosia and Clara are the wealthy offspring of Hollywood royalty (David Mamet and Rebecca Pidgeon, of course), and both have thriving careers that ostensibly keep them sitting quite pretty. It also doesn’t help that they’re asking for a ridiculous amount of money, or that their Kickstarter page has them whining about the stresses of fame and fortune. (“Being in the entertainment industry has its lesser known downsides, like being taken out of the town your family lives in or the demanding schedules that prevent attendance at family functions. We are, despite our wonderful jobs at GIRLS and NEIGHBORS, just sisters.”)

Instead of spending your hard earned money to see a pair of rich girls parade around in fancy clothes to the sound of their own voices for three minutes, save your cash. Or fork it over in one of these ways instead:

1. Buy health insurance: The average cost of health insurance for an individual policy holder is $149 a month. If you were to put $32,000 toward insuring yourself, you could buy coverage for 17 years, and even have some money left over for pills and stuff.

2. Put a payment down on a house:
Health insurance is boring. So is home ownership, but at least you can brag about that a bunch on Facebook.

3. Take a vacation, dammit:
You deserve some time off! Go someplace tropical and relaxing. You should even spring for one of those nice hotels where the bed isn’t coin-operated and all the channels on the TV work, not just the dirty ones.

4. Go on a shopping spree: Buy some new shoes. Grab that iPad you’ve been dreaming about. Perhaps it’s even time to invest in some furniture that isn’t from IKEA.

5. Contribute RIOT’s new Kickstarter:
We’re trying to raise $32,000 to feed and shelter our pet woolly mammoth.