Buzz Aldrin Is A Frugal Traveler, And He’s Got Receipts To Prove It

Buzz Aldrin — astronaut, second man on the moon, and Snoop Dogg collaborator* — dropped this little gem from his Twitter account last week. The image shows his reimbursement form for travel expenses tied to the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The total amount? $33.31 for a rental car.

That’s right, Buzz Aldrin made it to the moon and back for just over 30 bucks ($217 adjusted for inflation). It’s a reminder to all of us that far flung travel doesn’t have to be pricey.


*If you made it this far without clicking the link for Aldrin’s rap song with Snoop Dog and Talib Kweli, we are living in different solar systems. Also worth watching:  Aldrin barely putting up with Ali G.