Matt LeBlanc Cannot Escape His Classic ‘Friends’ Catchphrase On Any Corner Of This Earth

NBC / Shutterstock

There are some roles that certain actors land that haunt them for a lifetime. While it is every Star Trek fan’s dream to land a role on a Trek television series, most actors don’t exactly have a stellar track record of having much of a post-Trek career. So imagine how it is for the cast of a show as big and popular as Friends. Friends was/is so popular, Netflix reconsidered a bid to stream Seinfeld in lieu of Friends. While that may have been a questionable decision, perhaps it wasn’t, as Friends is still insanely popular to this day.

How popular? Matt LeBlanc literally cannot escape “How ya doin’?” Even on the furthest corners of the planet, says EW.

“I was in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, shooting a thing for Top Gear. I mean, we were far away from civilization. And these people were wearing robes, and they live in caves and stuff. They called me Joey and said, ‘How you doin’?’ in a really butchered accent. It was like, ‘Oh wow. Did not see that one coming.’… The show is everywhere. It still holds up.”

LeBlanc is doing his best to move forward with his career with his upcoming show Man With a Plan, just like he’s been doin’ on Top Gear, but to most of the world he’ll still just be Joey.

(Via EW)