‘Merica, The Restaurant, Offers Some Much Needed Levity As The Election Draws Near


Tonight the three-ring circus we’ve decided to call Election 2016 will continue with Clinton and Drumpf debating for a second time. There’s a lot, lot, lot that’s not a laughing matter about this election cycle. It’s hard to find the humor in it without simultaneously being terrified. Zach Neil, the man behind the much lauded Will Ferrell themed resto in NYC, has opened a place where we can drink and eat away our pain while we watch our country go through, let’s just call it, growing pains.

Merica NYC aims to take a bit of the sting out of current affairs and offers us a chance to wallow and relish all things über-Americana. NASCAR memorabilia? Check. Gun worship? check. Heart-stopping burgers? F*ck, yeah! The restaurants signature burger is called the “T-Rump Mexican Burger” that uses a “wall” of grilled mushrooms, peppers, and onions between a slice of American and Mexican Pepper jack cheese on top of a plenty of ass meat from the a cow. There’s a Clinton burger as well which is a triple bacon burger covered in mac and cheese. It’s called the “100 Calorie Burger” because, wait for it, Clinton lies!

Neil has a pretty pragmatic reason for opening up this new venture. He told reporters that “if you’re going to laugh in today’s society, there’s so much to laugh at … There’s also a lot to cry about, but we don’t want to be on the crying side.” Unfortunately Neil’s Merica only serves wine and beer, and we might need a lot of bourbon to get us through the next month.

(Via DNA Info)

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