Samantha Bee Leaks Her Own ‘Lewd’ Tape To Give Donald Trump A Little Competition

Entertainment Writer

Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher made their thoughts heard about Donald Trump’s lewd comments on women from 2005, taking a more serious and angry route for their reactions. Samantha Bee decided to go the opposite route, putting together her own “leaked” video that catches her and a Full Frontal staffer discussing men in a way that’s highlighting just how odd it would be if the tables were turned.

The innapropriate conversation uses footage from Bee’s RNC special from mid-summer, with Bee discussing how she’d like to wear “balls” as a hat and wants to make em clack like a “Newton’s cradle” — now available from SkyMall!

Full Frontal also parodied the Trump camp’s written apology that came out before the awkward video apology:

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