This Guy Decided To Start A Whole New Life After Getting Dumped Via Text

The desire to break out of the ordinary and see a bit of the world is a strong one. Sometimes it’s a hard-rooted desire to wander, to sail, to explore. Sometimes we all need a little push to get us out that door. And sometimes it’s the loss of love that opens the gateways to the world for us. Imgur user Koobybooby just went through a breakup and decided that life on the road was the way to heal a broken heart.

Koobybooby was practicing his sailing game around Ireland when his life changed forever.

“Story time. My gf was away working, i had nothing to do, stuck in Ireland…I figured i might go do a bit of sailing in England. Ive been sailing all my life and i hoped to make a career out of it,” he writes. Then, after he left, tragedy struck when his longterm girlfriend decided that a long distance relationship wasn’t her jam and sent a text message to end it.

Koobybooby reports “that day we set sail to an island chain and the wind died. Ive never seen the sea that calm. I spent an excruciating 18 hours with nothing to do but think about her on the open ocean.” He finally arrived at the Isles of Scilly and, after a warm welcome on the beach, decided that he needed to stay. He met new friends. He found a new job that provided room and board. He started a new chapter of life.

Sometimes it’s that easy to go somewhere and start over. Sometimes you’re lucky. Sometimes you’re not. For Koobybooby it looks like a new start is just what he needs.

(Via Imgur)