This Traveler Tried To Get The Ultimate Photo… And Nearly Lost His Arm To A Croc In The Process

11.06.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

We live in the age where getting the perfect photo to post of your latest globetrotting adventure seems paramount to the whole travel experience. Recently, a Danish tourist in northern Australia (wearing an “Invincible” t-shirt, for those who love irony) had his pursuit of a perfect photo with a freshwater crocodile nearly bite him in the ass. Instead it bit him in the arm.

Johnny Bonde was stalking a sleeping croc on Lake Kununurra. He posted up for the shot and the ground gave way under him and he went tumbling right into the sleeping beast. The croc was startled awake and sank its teeth into Bonde’s arm and started thrashing him around in the water. In his own words, “There was just splashing and I could feel a bit of pain in my arm. It wasn’t that bad though – I was more shocked than anything.” The croc let go and Bonde scrambled out of the water. The stars had aligned in his favor and he escaped with most vital tendons intact.

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