Anderson Silva Has An Ominous Warning For Conor McGregor

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02.12.16 3 Comments

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Anderson Silva is back from a year long suspension after testing positive for a cocktail of random drugs following his fight with Nick Diaz. The former middleweight champion tested positive for Drostanolone, Oxazepam and Temazepan, which he blamed on a mysterious sexual enhancement drug and medication he was taking for a sleeping disorder.

But we’re not here to rehash Silva’s sketchy test results, or why he’s back after testing positive for steroids when his opponent Nick Diaz is still under suspension for a simple marijuana offense. Silva has a big international fight against Michael Bisping on February 27th in London, and during the latest press conference he had some firm words for rising star Conor McGregor. Via FOX Sports:

“(Conor) McGregor, he’s a great fighter and he’s doing his job very well. He’s very intelligent and he knows exactly what he’s doing. But Rafael (dos Anjos) can not get led on by his antics because it didn’t work out very well for Jose Aldo,” Silva said during an open workout with media on Thursday in Los Angeles.

“I think both Jose Aldo and Rafael can both beat him and I also think Conor McGregor should really be careful about what he says about the Brazilians. Because the last person that spoke about a Brazilian, it didn’t end too well for him.”

That’s Anderson referencing his one time nemesis Chael Sonnen, who hyped up both of their fights with a ton of trash directed at both Anderson and the Brazilian people. At the height of their feud, Chael referred to the nation as a “piglet tribe of savages,” and the UFC had to provide the outspoken fighter with bodyguards when he visited the country.

As for how things ended, Sonnen lost his second fight to Silva in embarrassing fashion, whiffing on a spinning backfist that dropped him on his ass, leaving him open for Silva to finish him with a flying knee to the chest. It’s still considered to this day to be one of the single worst mistakes in title fight history. But Sonnen still made a ton of money and secured himself in the history books as one of the best trash talkers the sport has ever seen, so maybe it was a net win?

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