Conor McGregor’s Coach Predicted His MSG Fight Three Years Before It Was Even Legal In New York

11.05.16 1 year ago

UFC 205 is primed to invade New York City, with Conor McGregor leading UFC’s historic first night in NYC with a shot a title history. It’s not something you could’ve guessed a few years back given the legality of MMA fighting in New York, but that didn’t seem to matter to McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh.

Three years before any of this was a reality and before New York was going to legally allow fighting — especially at Madison Square Garden — Kavanaugh posted the photo below with a little bit of forethought about his own fighter:

I will have a fighter on a poster here wearing a belt one day. Guaranteed.

Well, McGregor doesn’t have a belt on the poster, but he is front and center. And he at least fighting for a title, which does count when we’re talking about guarantees from three years ago. We don’t want to negate it based on just that, forcing Kavanaugh to fight his way out of a guarantee.

Speaking of guarantees, Conor McGregor discussed his apparent bombshell coming after his fight next Saturday. Dana White claimed it is “It’s something completely out of left field,” and McGregor is saying it’ll take an army to force him to vacate one of the titles if he wins at 205. Well, it turns out he might not have to?

“Vacate? I don’t know, we’ll see about that,” McGregor said on a Thursday conference call ahead of UFC 205. “Why not defend them both? I fight every week. I only fought last week. So, I can defend them both.”

McGregor wants to apparently let history be history if he wins, which I can’t blame him. Then again, this isn’t really a game-changing bombshell. If he said he was quitting the fight business to open up a series of theme Irish restaurants, that would be a bombshell. If he said he was running for political office, that’d be a bombshell. If he said he was going to take his talents to those pansies over at WWE, that’d be a bombshell. Conor defending both belts just seems pretty much on course.

(Via MMFighting / John Kavanagh)

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