The Corner Audio From Luke Rockhold’s Title Loss To Michael Bisping At UFC 199 Is Strangely Heartbreaking

With a pay-per-view event every month that earns hundreds of thousands of buys, the UFC is one of the biggest PPV companies in the world. But between the huge chunk of money cable companies take out of every PPV sale and UFC demographics skewing young, the company has been pushing their online buying platform hard. Now not only can you buy their pay-per-views off the UFC website, you can pick which camera you want to watch the fights from on the fly.

There are tons of angles to choose from, including two cameras pointed right at the fighters’ coaches and a microphone to pick up everything they’re yelling. It’s a pretty compelling alternative to the announcing of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, if you can handle all the inevitable swearing. And it will often give you insight into what went horribly wrong, as this audio of Luke Rockhold’s corner during his loss to Michael Bisping at UFC 199 does.

Listening in, his corner told him to relax, stop rushing, and use his distance to stay out of Bisping’s reach … all things that Rockhold failed to do for the most part. They were even telling him what he was doing wrong on his jab, which Rockhold blamed for the defeat in the post-event press conference. They told him to keep the jab fast rather than hard to keep Bisping on the outside. But Rockhold kept on letting Bisping in range, and Bisping made him pay for it. The anguish Luke’s cornermen must have felt was captured pretty succinctly in the four-letter expletive one yelled as Luke lay dazed on the canvas.

So yeah, corner cam and corner audio are pretty cool features. Makes it totally worth buying your UFC pay-per-views on your PC rather than through your cable box.