Michael Bisping Just Knocked Out Luke Rockhold In One Of The Biggest Upsets Of All Time

Michael Bisping talked a big game leading up to his late replacement fight with champion Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, and he backed it up when the cage door closed. It took him less than a round to catch Rockhold with a huge overhand right that knocked him to the canvas. Luke got back to his feet only to be hit by another right that put him up against the cage, where Bisping unleashed a flurry that put him out and forced referee Big John McCarthy to stop the fight.

Rockhold seemed lazily annoyed by Bisping’s early overhands as they connected, but Bisping stayed focus and continued to counter Rockhold’s combinations, headhunting the heavy favorite. A kick to the body was the best shot from Rockhold, but Bisping fought through it to catch the now former middleweight champ in one of the biggest upsets of the year.