Look Behind The Scenes As Nate Diaz Prepares For Conor McGregor In His ‘Road To War’ Vlog Series

Entertainment Editor

Could it be that we’re at peak Diaz fever? Even during Nick’s Strikeforce heyday while Nate was thrashing the lightweight division, now seems like the most Diaz the Diazes have ever Diazed in this whole, Diaz world of MMA. Nate’s ballin’ now. He has dedicated camera crews and his own entourage. He’s on Conan. It’s an enjoyable time in MMA history.

As you can see above, the first episode followed Nate and Conor’s echo-y press conference during UFC 202’s fight week. Episode two shows off how Nate’s star has grown. Sure, he could have a successful autograph signing, but now Nate is getting mobbed by fans in Las Vegas malls. He’s come a long way. Nate Diaz is now surrounded by kids, begging for selfies and autographs while saying the edited version of his latest catchphrase, “I’m not surprised (sucker). This is the world we live in now.

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