Nate Diaz And Justin Bieber Are In A War Of Words Via Their Instagram Accounts

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03.08.16 6 Comments
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Gather ’round, everyone, because here is your weirdest celebrity beef of the day. It involves singer/apparent MMA fan Justin Bieber and MMA fighter/apparent non-Bieber fan Nate Diaz, who are exchanging verbal jabs on Instagram because Bieber doesn’t like the way that Diaz fights.

It all started after Diaz made Conor McGregor tap out at UFC 196. Bieber saw the fight and wanted to show his admiration for McGregor, so he posted this video of himself and some friends toasting to the UFC Featherweight Champion to his Instagram account:

Biebs posted a few other pro-McGregor IGs, but: 1) this was the only video and, 2) this was the only one where he took a shot at Diaz, as his caption included “all the respect to Nate but his style is terrible. Nate has crazy heart respect.”

Apparently, word of that got back to Diaz, who as we all know is not shy about sharing his opinions of people. So he found an animated picture of himself slapping Bieber, posted that to his Instagram, and called Bieber a hater for disliking the way that he fights.

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Biebers a hater 👋🏼

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I don’t know about you, but I hope this social media war between these two continues for months. And it ends with Nate and Bieber making up and singing “Love Yourself” on stage together. That would be perfect.

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