Peggy Morgan Looks Like She Just Got Hit With A Fist Of Bees

Fighting is dangerous. These martial artists walk to the cage knowing it’s the hurt or be hurt business, and sometimes, the human body reacts to being hurt in strange ways. Like Peggy Morgan’s face. Nothing about this is OK. It looks like Megan Anderson peppered her with fists made of bees.

She looks like she’s preparing for a long winter.

She looks like she’s preparing to take the role of sloth in the all-female Goonies reboot.

She looks like she’s either a Garbage Pail Kid in the making or she just had her ancient, magical leader killed by a truck driver.

Smoke, the amazing hamster, has nothing on Peggy Morgan.

This is truly something. You can see her face grow and grow as the punches from Megan Anderson continually land. We could be looking at a broken jaw here, people. This is not something to take lightly (even though I just made light of it for the last hundred-plus words).

Hopefully,Peggy is alright and doesn’t have to take her meals through a straw for the next few months. How about that Megan Anderson, though? She’s got the size and reach at 6-feet, 145 pounds. Let’s see her take on Cyborg. It’s not like Justino has anything better to do.

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