UFC Fighter Matt Mitrione Suffered Perhaps The Most Horrific Eye Injury You’ll Ever See

Matt Mitrione had grand plans heading into UFC Fight Night 81. He would upset the 6th ranked heavyweight in Boston, then head into free agency with a top ten win under his belt and a fat paycheck coming his way. Instead, he received two errant pokes to the eye, gassed out after getting far too upset at the circumstances, then got served an all-you-can-eat storm of Travis Browne elbows. Browne’s dominance over Mitrione led to a second head growing out of the former NFL player’s eye socket.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the worst hematomas and/or possible broken orbitals in UFC, nay, combat sports history. Only Mark Hominick comes to mind in the UFC’s hall of brutal  The fear on Mitrione’s face is real as he rushes from the cage to the doctors backstage. The thing was growing by the second, and only a few people have to witness the horror that’s going to be awaiting him on the medical table.

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