UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Opens Up About Truth, Justice, Trump Vs. Hillary, And The Real American Way

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When the towers fell on 9/11, Tim Kennedy left his relatively cushy life of MMA training to sign up for a greater good. He entered the special forces and became a decorated sniper, earning multiple awards. In 2009 he made his full-time return to MMA, challenged for the Strikeforce middleweight title, and then became a top-ranked UFC contender. He hasn’t fought since the infamous “stoolgate” incident against Yoel Romero in 2014, but Kennedy hasn’t stayed out of the public eye.

On the History Channel, Kennedy is part of the Hunting Hitler team, and now he’s debuting his show, True Patriot Movement, on Alex Jones’ controversial Infowars website.

So, you hold wins over two current UFC champions right now.

Is there anyone in the UFC that can say that?

Maybe? I don’t know. But you see that and it’s been almost two years since you fought…

I know.

Are you going to come back?

Uh, yeah.

Soon? On a big card?

Yes, it will. I don’t think you’ll get a bigger card than the one I’m gonna be on.