UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Continues His War Of Words With ISIS

Tim Kennedy may not be active in the cage or on the battlefield currently, but he has a fight on his hands, and that’s a situation in which Kennedy is most comfortable. A war of words with ISIS, whose threats towards the UFC fighter and Army Green Beret were confirmed as legit by the FBI this week, has ruffled Kennedy’s feathers, that look astonishingly like a bald eagle’s feathers, flying in the wind with the grace of an American flag.

Kennedy has no time for ISIS’ “online tough guy” threats, and in sitting down with FOX News, he made it clear that if they want Tim, they should come to Texas to talk it out like men.

“I’m desensitized and don’t respect them all because I think they’re pathetic humans. A normal person, who gets a picture of a beheaded human with a message that says ‘this is going to happen to you’ would freak out. I get this picture and I’m like, ‘dude, why don’t you just come here, we’ll talk about it so I don’t have to travel to find you… And the FBI was like, ‘that’s not normal you need to figure out that these people can be dangerous.’ I was like, no. They’re pathetic. I’m not going to give them any clout whatsoever and I’m not going to cower to online tough guys.”

Whether this is a smart move or not remains to be seen, but you have to respect Mr. Kennedy’s cajones in the face of potential violence from the Islamic State.

(Via FOX News)

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