Here’s What Conor McGregor Whispered To Nate Diaz After Their Bloody UFC 202 Sequel

Entertainment Editor
08.28.16 2 Comments

We’re a few weeks removed from what will very likely be 2016’s fight of the year and a watershed moment in the history of mixed martial arts. Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 did what so very few sequels and even fewer MMA fights can do — live up to the hype and exceed it. For 25 minutes, two men gave everything they had in the cage and they came out on the other end not the best of friends, but with a warrior’s respect. So what did Conor say to Nate immediately following the final bell?

The confirmation of the loving words come from the UFC’s The Thrill and The Agony based on the events of UFC 202.

“Great fight brother. Great f*cking fight. You’re a Mexican warrior. You’re a little Mexican warrior brother.”

This confirms what we know to be true about McGregor — he’s fiery, prideful, and a true martial artist. He knows how to sell a fight, but all the best fighters knew that drama and fighting go hand in hand. It’s hard not to respect his classiness in every post-fight scenario he’s been in. It’s truly beautiful to watch.

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