Listen To Dave Grohl Prank Call Jeff Probst On Live Radio

Dave Grohl seems like a friendly guy. It’s part of his overall image, so if you were to hear he was friends with somebody, you’d probably think, “Yeah, I can see that.” Apparently one of the people he considers a friend is Jeff Probst, known primarily as the host of CBS’s long running reality competition Survivor. Grohl also seems like a man with an impish, mischievous sense of humor, so it is also not surprising to find out that he prank called Probst pretending to be Scott Rockenfield, the drummer of Queensryche.

Well, that last bit may actually require some clarification. Previously, Probst had tried to prank call Grohl pretending to be Adam Levine, of Maroon 5 and The Voice fame, a tale that was told on The Tonight Show. During this prank call attempt, Probst said some untoward things about Rockenfield’s mother, so, you know, now it may make sense why Grohl was pretending to be a somewhat obscure figure in the music universe, with all due respect to Rockenfield.

Grohl’s prank call took place while Probst was appearing on the Los Angeles morning radio show The Kevin and Bean Show, so that the world at large could get to enjoy it. Not that Probst found himself particularly fooled, but that won’t do anything to hurt the legend of Dave Grohl.

(Via Spin)