Gigi Hadid Casually Mentioned That Taylor Swift Is Back In The Studio

09.10.16 2 years ago

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Imagine having a squad, like a group of people that are just there to tell the world of your wonderful deeds instead of you having to put it out on Facebook and Twitter to the sound of crickets. Taylor Swift keeps pretty busy, but when she’s not busy as a part of a celebrity coupleor a very public breakup — or in the center of a weird Kanye West-related scandal, she does what she does best; record music. Crazy, right?

Taylor was there for her friend and squad-mate Gigi Hadid at her recent runway show and Gigi had some interesting news to drop about Taylor for the world to hear, says Idolator. That news? That Taylor is back in the studio after a bit of a hiatus to, you know, live her life.

“She’s obviously such a great friend, and you know she is starting to go back to work in the studio again, and really made time to be here for me, and I’m so grateful for that.”

That’s what friends are for; to be there for each other at their big, public events and to gush about them doing what they do. Especially when their pal is going through yet another public breakup with the eyes of the world on her.

(Via Idolator)

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