Bill Maher Warns Against Katrina Pierson And Trump’s ‘Basket of Inexplicables’ Getting A Chance At Power

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10.01.16 3 Comments

Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher was a maelstrom of interruptions fitting for a discussion about Donald Trump and the long march that is Election 2016. We’re slowly coming to the end of the campaign trail and it’s taking a toll on our late night talk show hosts. Maher almost seems bewildered we’re at this point during the introduction to Friday’s episode and it seeps through into the rest of the show.

The main attraction came during New Rules when Maher highlighted the real nightmare scenario connected to a Trump presidency. Not only will Donald Trump be taking over The White House, but so will his trusted advisors and surrogates — aka the people who continue to let him spew garbage on a daily basis and then take up for him on cable news. This includes Katrina Pierson, Kayleigh McEnany, Pastor Mark Burns, and the rest of the revolving talking heads that seem to be cut from the same cloth as Trump. Even Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen gets tossed into the basket, deservedly, for his “says who” debacle on CNN.

Like most coverage of the Trump campaign this election, the offenses are clear cut but don’t seem to affect the poll numbers in the way that common sense would dictate. This could be why Maher says he’s about “lose it” with this election and also why Trump advisor Steve Moore seems to feel so confident steamrolling the entire panel all evening. From the very start of the show, you get a sense that what we saw from Trump at the first debate is also a tactic to be used throughout his entire campaign:

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