A Sniper Has Shattered A World Record By Taking Out An ISIS Fighter With A Two-Mile Kill Shot

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People are endlessly entranced with snipers who take out ISIS fighters. A number 2016 feats included the British Special Forces sniper who killed five men with only three bullets. Then the Islamic State was terrorized by a secret sniper who began to make headlines by taking out high-ranking members while they left mosques and hospitals. Yet another sniper interrupted an ISIS decapitation class by shooting the instructor. All has remained relatively quiet on the sniper front as of late, but now, the mightiest one of all has arrived. A Canadian sniper has broken the world record by taking out an ISIS militant with a two-mile kill shot.

Previously, the 2009 record was held by British Special Forces sniper Craig Harrison, who successfully killed a Taliban gunner from about 1.5 miles away. Canada’s Globe and Mail threw down news of the newest accomplishment that has been confirmed by military sources who mention video footage as well as data that verifies the shot’s distance:

“Hard data on this. It isn’t an opinion. It isn’t an approximation. There is a second location with eyes on with all the right equipment to capture exactly what the shot was,” another military source said.

A military insider told The Globe: “This is an incredible feat. It is a world record that might never be equalled.”

The shot in question reportedly took less than 10 seconds to travel those two miles and strike the intended target. Further details reveal that the operation was planned to interrupt an Islamic State attack on security forces in Iraq. And as most folks realize, the use of a sniper is a precise method that can strike ISIS fighters without warning and with very little threat of civilian casualties (obviously unlike using a bomb or boots-on-the-ground operations).

This Canadian sniper, who hasn’t yet been identified because of the classified nature of the mission and his elite organization, has effectively blown the British snipers’ previous records away. The U.S. sniper record is currently held by Sergeant Bryan Kremer, who pulled off a kill shot of 1.43 miles in 2004.

(Via Globe and Mail)

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