One More ISIS Leader Down As Terrorists Are Terrorized By The Secret ‘Daesh Hunter’

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02.01.16 12 Comments

In late January, a secret sniper made headlines after taking out high-ranking ISIS members. Three distinct attacks took place with the final blow landing on Islamic State commander Abdullah Hamad Al-Ansari. This sniper habitually hits ISIS members as they go about their daily business while leaving mosques and hospitals. Yes, the terrorists are now feeling terrorized.

Now, the sniper has taken out another prominent ISIS figure. Top recruiter Abu Khaled al-Cambodi (born Neil Prakash) is shown in the above propaganda video. He called for large-scale terror attacks against Australia, which he fled for Syria in 2013. The charismatic Prakesh was known for his ability to attract “disillusioned young people,” who he called “brothers.” The Mirror reports how Prakesh’s death hasn’t been confirmed by the Syrian government for security reasons, but it’s understood that the Islamic State is feeling panic. The Aussie government must be pleased:

In June last year Prakash was targeted by the Australian government in a series of financial sanctions. Julie Bishop, the foreign affairs minister, told parliament that he had “sought to commission violent terrorist acts, including in Australia, and to recruit others, including young Australian women and girls, to travel to Syria and Iraq to join the Daesh terrorists.”

The details of how he died are not yet clear. However his death comes as many top ISIS leaders are being reportedly picked off by a sniper dubbed the “Daesh Hunter.”

The dubbing of this “Daesh Hunter” must terrorize ISIS even more, for they hate the term “Daesh.” They’ve even threatened to “cut out the tongues” of anyone who utters the word. That declaration inspired former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to adopt the term because “what they don’t like has an instinctive appeal to me.” So, the term is one heavily used by Australia, which leveled sanctions on Prakash in an effort to curb his financial transactions. His recruiting reign is finished.

Meanwhile, ISIS is reportedly freaking out and losing morale in Sirte, Libya. They’re randomly firing in the air to scare off someone who doesn’t seem too scared, and the people of Sirte are celebrating this new “state of terror” spin.

(Via The Mirror)

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