Stephen Colbert Responds To Trump’s Tweets About Matt Lauer: ‘You Don’t Get To Comment’

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Stephen Colbert addressed the news about Matt Lauer without actually taking too much of a shot at the former TODAY host himself. Instead, most of Colbert’s shock was at Donald Trump and his attempts to hijack the conversation on Twitter. It’s understandable given the delay in the release of any firm details about Lauer’s dismissal until the late afternoon. It’s also understandable because it once again shows that Trump can’t help inserting himself into controversies that turn the mirror back on him.

Much like when the president commented on the allegations against Al Franken, Colbert feels that Trump’s tweets about Matt Lauer shine the spotlight right back on him. The Late Show host didn’t hold back, especially after Trump attempted to use the Lauer situation as an attempt to call out NBC for “fake news”:

“By ‘fake news’ do you mean ‘more than a dozen women have accused Trump of improper conduct or sexual assault’?”

Then Colbert speaks directly at the president with a little language that seems to have a little more frustration than you’d expect:

“Listen up! You don’t get to comment! That is the pot calling the kettle at 3 AM and asking what she is wearing.”

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