‘The Daily Show’ Is Relentless With Its Mockery Of Jeff Sessions’ Meeting With A Russian Ambassador

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03.03.17 3 Comments

With Jeff Sessions’ reported meeting with a Russian ambassador holding an iron grip on the news today, it’s no surprise that late night television decided to focus its power in that direction. Most shows followed the main beats of today’s revelations, but The Daily Show took it in a little deeper. Not only did they make fun of Sessions’ day, the Trump response, and call the Attorney General guilty over and over, they also used some Russian nesting dolls to prove a fun point — complete with a funny surprise for Trevor Noah — and then conducted an interview with Jordan Klepper from Sessions’ office in The Shire.

The only thing missing were the Keebler elf jokes, but Hobbit jokes are a good replacement. And even while Sessions seems to take the brunt of every joke in this segment, it seems like Trevor Noah plays the fool the most. I’m not sure if the snake bit is a joke on Noah and an actual fear of snakes or if it was just a joke about the Trump administration being full of them, but the surprise seems genuine. Nobody likes being on the receiving end of those snake gags, especially on live television.

(Via The Daily Show)

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