DC Comics Has Fired Longtime Editor Eddie Berganza Amid Mounting Sexual Harassment Allegations

11.13.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

Following a report of years of unchecked sexual harassment allegations, longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza was fired from the company on Monday. Berganza, a group editor, oversaw production on comics like Superman and Wonder Woman. The news comes more than a year after Berganza’s accusers came forward, according to Buzzfeed:

Two women who worked at DC told BuzzFeed News that Berganza either forcibly kissed them, or attempted to do so, in the early to mid 2000s. Several people complained to the company’s human resources department in 2010, when Berganza was up for a promotion to executive editor. Berganza still received the promotion, but was demoted to group editor in 2012 after another woman said he kissed her without her consent at a comics convention.

The women who made complaints against Berganza seven years ago have all sense moved on from the company. The original report also saw several people going on the record to say they turned down work and other opportunities with DC over the years because the company continued to employ Berganza despite the complaints.

“DC prides itself on being a premier destination for top talent as well as an amazing creatively collaborative place to work that is a safe and secure environment for our employees and extended freelance family,” Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, wrote to employees Saturday in an email.

(Via BuzzFeed & Comics Beat)

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